Happy 1st Birthday Mikey!

A can of tuna and a bit of catnip is in order on this special day.



kitten 1


mikey kitten


kitten 6.28.17


Rescue Rangers

Once again the crazy cat ladies sprang into action rescuing another homeless kitty last week.  They named him Dexter, personally I think they should have named him Ernie since he’s a Hemingway cat.  Now in the office we have 3 cats – Star, Baxter & Dexter.

Sunday Sunshine


I had a burst of energy on Friday after work and manged to do all the things I usually put off til the weekend.

Much to nice a day to stay indoors. The past few weekends have been rainy, so it’s nice to have the sun finally shining on a day that I’m not at work.

Thinking about taking the train up to White Plains and maybe do a bit of shopping.  (Over the past few months I put on a few pounds and my pants are a bit snug).




The Walled Garden of Untermyer Park, Yonkers, NY

A beautiful day deserves a stroll through the formal garden overlooking the Palisades and the Hudson River. 

Located in the northwest section of Yonkers NY, Untermyer Park (also referred to as The Formal Gardens of Greystone) was commissioned by Samuel Untermyer in 1916 to rival the gardens of Europe. inspiration by the Persian gardens of antiquity (the oldest gardens known to man), the concept of the garden is based on the Garden of Eden or Paradise.

As you walk through the main gate you are greeted by a waters of The Tigis River representing life and fertility.   


The Amphitheater (or seat of culture) guarded by the Sphinx, (half eagle and half lion) representing bravery.

The Ampatherther Fountain view 2


The Temple of the Sky which designed to frame the movement of the clouds 

the temple of the sky

temple great view

Steps to the Second Tier of the Garden with views of The Hudson River

hudson river view

Walk through The Portico to the steps of the Vista

Portico leading to the Vista

Inspired by the Villa D’Este by Lake Como Italy, the Vista is 150 steps that gradually slopes down to the Overlook (with 25′ tall roman Cippalino columns) that offers breathtaking views of the Palisades and Hudson River.

The Vista 2

The temple of Love sits atop gigantic boulders pinned together once containing a cascading waterfall that lead down to the wading pool below.
the temple of love with view of hudson

the temple of love

A beautiful garden in the heart of the city of Yonkers.