What it’s Like to Be a Cat

August 2016 2

I should have
been named Independence
because that’s how I live my life.
No human ever orders me around.
I’ll sneak away
spend the day in hiding
who cares if they’re looking for me.
Perhaps there’s a time I might decide
to give my human a treat.
I’ll jump on her lap
let her stroke and pet
turn on my purring machine.
I truly delight
to rub my nice human
and circle her legs with great joy.
To those in the know
I look independent
but there’s really a softy inside.

-Patricia Walter 1998


To the ancient Egyptians, the lily was a symbol of Upper Egypt.

Yellow lillies June 2016

In the ancient Near East, the lily was associated with a goddess of creation and fertility.

pink lillies june 2016

Linked to the queen of the gods by the Greeks and Romans, and a symbol of Mary and others of exceptional chastity by the Christians.

white lillies june 2016

To me these lilies simply brighten my day as I walk past them on my way to work.